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As a company in the wire processing business, we would like to introduce you to the MICROWELDER™ range of butt welders.

As these units have been in production (primarily by Rymer) for almost 40 years, it may well be that you have some of these machines already.

Lamba Welding Systems Ltd purchased all the manufacturing rights and intellectual property for the Rymer butt welders some years ago and we have been, and will continue to be, developing the range further.

These machines, of which there are two types: EH and SG have a welding range of between 0.3mm to 9mm which includes both ferrous and copper wire, and now can be adapted to weld flat strip square section.

Spare parts are available for despatch direct to the customer.  Servicing is also available and can be done on site or here in Yorkshire.  Please see below for further information

All machines are UK made  united_kingdom

New machines

All machines are hand built in our factory in North Yorkshire. Send us your samples and we will recommend the correct machine or please call us now on (44)01748 850292 to discuss your requirements.

Second-hand machines

A 6 month warranty is included on all our second-hand machines.  These machines are built to last and there are hundreds if not thousands around the world.  They often make their way back to us which enables us to offer them to you in full working order to current legislation.  Contact us to discover our current stock.


Machines for refurbishment or repair can be sent to us for initial assessment and no obligation quotation.  The customer can then decide on level of refurbishment needed.  We endeavour to achieve the fastest turnaround possible and get the machine back to the customer in full working order.


Once a machine has left our premises, whether new or not, we recommend a service schedule at intervals dependent upon requirements.  These can be carried out either on site (to save on down time) or at our works, where you can send your machines to us.  Servicing of machines keeps them working at optimum capacity and pays for itself time and time again.  We would highly recommend you take us up on this.

Hiring or Loaning of machinery

Should the customer only require a Microwelder™ for a certain contract or a specific amount of time, we do hire or loan out either new or refurbished machines.

Spare parts

All parts of the machines are available to purchase individually.  The majority of which are made here at our works in North Yorkshire.  We wind our own transformers for the SG’s but we do, however, still support the small, traditional business for such parts as the pedals, bases, transformer laminations etc.


This work can be carried out on site to minimise down time or many of our customers send the machines into us to be assessed and then have the work carried out.

Please see more information in this leaflet or call us to discuss further.

EH & SG Microwelder


For further information please phone 01748 850292 or complete the form below.