Lamba Welding Systems was founded in 1988 by Mr Brian Bates, who by that time was well experienced in the engineering industry. He created the business with a vision to provide reliable and quality resistance welding machines at a competitive price.
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At Lamba Welding Systems, we are committed to providing an efficient and professional service to all our customers. We are happy to deal with any queries our customers may have, both before and after sales. We can also offer technical advice on products and applications.
Temporary Fence Lines
There are several variations of this machine, from the most basic machines which produce the welded outer frame to fully automated lines which can produce a finished fence panel, every 35 seconds.
Tool Monitoring Systems
Lamba’s tool monitoring systems are used on pressed up to 400 p.p.m for the protection of press tools. Placing mounting sensors on the tool can automatically stop the press if any of the following issues occur;
Friction Saw
Lamba’s newest acquisition is their Friction Saws after purchasing all the manufacturing rights and intellectual property from M and M Webb Saws, who are a long established company with over 100 saws operating around the world.
Second Hand Machinery
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